British Columbia

Wildlife of British Columbia: Orcas, Grizzlies and Ancient Forests – this title of a trip hosted by Road Scholar caught our attention, and Jim and Betsy joined them for an August 2017 excursion.   We explored winding coastal trails, the protected waters of the Inside Passage and the Great Bear Rainforest.

We were immersed in opportunities to learn about the local wildlife and Pacific Rainforest ecology as well as about the history and culture of the First Nation people.  And the whales and the grizzly bears did not disappoint!

Our journey began in Vancouver city where we met our new fellow travelers.  The next morning we were on a ferry to Vancouver Island, and with a few hundred other friendly and excited people, we enjoyed watching the solar eclipse from the deck of the ferry.


We journeyed by bus, ferry, and numerous types of boats to get  to the remote areas to get close to the amazing wildlife and experience the exquisite beauty of the giant fir forests.  We are happy to share our adventures with our photographs.  So pull up a chair and enjoy the sights of the wild far northwestern areas of Canada.

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