Shelburne, Rissers Beach

The waterfront district of Shelburne, founded in 1783, has been preserved to look like it did in the 1800’s.  The movie The Scarlet Letter and the remake of Moby Dick used this quaint waterfront town as their set.

We spent some time in the Dory Shop and Jim had quite a conversation with the current boat builder. We were curious as to why the dories are all painted a mustard color – it is because that color stands out the most in a heavy fog.

After Shelburne we drove up the coast and had wonderful views of small fishing villages along the way.  We stopped at Rissers Beach took a stroll across a boardwalk across the marsh to get to the beach.  The waves created dramatic patterns in the sand that were accentuated by many sand dollars that had washed ashore.

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