Fun in the Sun

We were fortunate to have a wonderful group of people on our tour with us.  Road Scholar provided excellent guides, including Pulitzer-prize winning photographer Cyrus McCrimmon who was our Group Leader and provided ongoing photo tips and inspiration. Our Cuban Group Leader, Karina Sanchez, always had a smile as she told us about the history and culture of the area. Photo instructor Joel Hernandez also did a great job helping the group with photo techniques and he also filled us in on local customs.  He seemed to know people everywhere we went and was always greeted with a hug and a kiss.  Ernesto, our bus driver was amazing as he navigated the luxury tour bus down very narrow cobblestone streets.

Our fellow travelers were a fun, well-educated bunch, all with a thirst to learn about the area and capture it in photos.  We enjoyed many mojitos together as we celebrated the people of this extraordinary country. An essay written by one of our new friends, Joyce Stauffer, perfectly paints a picture in words of what we saw and felt – click here to read it.

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