Bay of Fundy

What a fascinating place! The greatest tides in the world occur in the Bay of Fundy with a difference of 47 feet between low and high tide.  We enjoyed exploring Fundy National Park and hiked through a pretty forrest and down wooden staircases to Shiphaven.  Later we drove to Hopewell Rocks which is perhaps the best place to experience the difference of the tides, as one can walk among the unusual rock formations called “flowerpots” at low tide, and then kayak by them at high tide.


When we first arrived at Hopewell Rocks, it was near high tide.  We descended down a metal staircase as far as we could go before we met the water.



We came back about five hours later to the same spot, and now we could descend all the way down the staircase and walk among the strange rock formations that were inaccessible earlier.

Walking among the odd shaped formations was an amazing experience.  We explored and took photographs until the rangers started gathering everyone to go back up the metal staircase as the tide was starting to come back in.

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