The Road to Hana

The Road to Hana is not so much a destination as it is an experience.  Starting east of Paia along the Hana Highway, the roughly 52 miles took us through the rain forests of Maui. It is a long and winding road and Jim was uneasy driving it in our big rental car – narrow roads over even narrower bridges with little visibility to see cars coming the other way on the hairpin turns.  He had affectionately named our rental car “the Tank”, but the name changed to “The Queen Mary” as he cautiously navigated the tight turns.  The road careened over many streams and we counted fifty-nine bridges.  We saw beautiful waterfalls and breathtaking views of the ocean breaking on rocks.

Later we had dinner in Lahaina, a beautiful village that has the most interesting tree we have ever seen. The Banyan Tree in the town square is more than 135 years old and towers over almost an acre of downtown Lahaina.  Thanks to its aerial roots, which grow into trunks when they touch ground, the generously shady tree is now supported by at least 16 trunks in addition to the original.  Dozens of vendors sell crafts and jewelery from tables shaded by this beautiful tree.

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