Page and Kanab

The northern parts of Arizona and southern Utah provide many amazing views and adventure opportunities.  We loved exploring the areas around the Vermilion Cliffs and the views of The Grand Staircase Escalante. 

Just a few miles from Page and less than a mile walk from a parking area lies Horseshoe Bend. This spectacular canyon was formed by the Colorado River as it snakes around the cliff walls in a horseshoe shape.  The overlook is a thousand feet above the river, and there are no guard rails.  I laid on my stomach and crawled towards the edge, but could not bring myself to hang my feet over the edge as some others were doing. 

A side trip took us down to the Colorado River where we could wade in the water near the launch area for rafting trips.  Paria Riffle is the first turbulence faced by boaters on their Grand Canyon river journey.

We hiked among the Kanab Toadstools – an amazing wonderland of balancing rocks and hoodoos.

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