Middle Creek

Snow Geese at Middle CreekSometime before sunset, 65,000 snow geese spread their wings in unison and lift off the cornfields into the air to swirl in the sky and eventually land on the lake for the night.  First you hear a low rumble which is the sound their wings make as they lift off the ground.  Then the thunderous cacophony of thousands of geese honking and beating their wings as they fill the sky. (short video)  This takes place each year at the end of February and early March as thousands of snow geese stop to eat in the cornfields and rest on the lake at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area near Kleinfeltersville, PA.  There is a visitor center with interpretive displays, and a self-guided auto tour from March 1 through September 15.  But the highlight is the annual migration of snow geese and tundra swans.  A short hike to Willow Point from a parking area usually results in some great viewing. Another video shows the smokelike patterns of thousands of geese in flight.

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