Trap Pond, Delaware

Trap Pond State Park includes a beautiful pond in Laurel, Delaware that contains the northernmost natural stand of bald cypress trees in the United States. The cypress trees rise up out of the water, and are often surrounded by cypress “knees”, the woody, rounded stumps projecting up from the roots.  One feels as if in a tropical swamp paddling under moss-covered trees and exploring side channels, while blue herons fly away from our canoes.   Nearby Osgood Pond is smaller and more intimate. The backside of Osgood begins to tangle with the trees, forming numerous little passageways to explore.  We enjoyed our paddle on a sunny day while many, many turtles posed on fallen trees to catch some rays.


We had a great time camping at the State Park with our canoe friends.   After a WCHA chapter winter project repairing and refurbishing Bruce’s canoe which could no longer be paddled, it was ready for it’s inaugural launch.  It was a great joy to watch him carry his canoe on his head to the water’s edge and place it in the water.  Bruce was very grateful of the help provided by our club, and he paddled his canoe with a big smile on his face.


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