Peace River in Arcadia, Florida

The Peace River is a serene, slow-moving river with little signs of civilization, but lots of signs of nature. As we paddled under towering cypress trees covered with Spanish moss, we saw no other people on our trip, but we were not alone.  Great Blue Herons flew alongside our canoe, and great egrets and white ibises fished on the banks. As the sun rose and warmed up the river, the turtles started sunning themselves on logs. And we paddled by quite a few alligators sunning themselves on the banks or gliding through the river.

Beautiful campgrounds on the river, but not sure how well we would sleep knowing that there were numerous alligators on the banks next to our canoe!

We rented a canoe from Canoe Outpost in Arcadia, Florida.  They offer half-day and full-day paddling trips.  They also rent fossil hunting screens as many people find shark-teeth embedded in the banks of the Peace River.

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