Photo Recognitions – Jim Wilson

Below are some of Jim’s awards and recognitions of his photography.

“Come on Up” First Place, Open Category.  Chester County Camera Club, October, 2017

Angles and lines accentuate the classic architecture in Havana, Cuba.

“Let it Rain” Honorable Mention, Open Category.  Chester County Camera Club, October, 2017

Littleton, New Hampshire is the hometown of the author of Pollyanna, and the town puts on a happy face.  Colorful umbrellas adorn the walkways, and the town’s motto is “Be Glad”. It is difficult not to smile in this happy little town!

“Come Dance With Me” Second Place, Open Category.  Chester County Camera Club, February, 2017

On a trip to Cuba in January 2017, we were treated to a private performance by the renowned dancers from Danza Combinatoria.  Beautiful widow light captured the concentration and grace of this dancer.

“Window to the World”  Honorable Mention,  Chester County Camera Club, September, 2016

On a trip to Arizona in April, 2016, we visited Antelope Canyon.  A slot canyon carved by water, it is today a beautiful winding walkway through colorful rocks.  But it still can be dangerous should a flash flood come through – there is no quick escape from inside the slot.


“Spotlight Images on Aminus3 – A global community of photographers.

The Aminus3 website consists of hundreds of thousands of photographs submitted by photographers from more than 100 counties.  Only one image can be uploaded per person per day.  Aminus3 recognizes a daily “Spotlight -We feature photography on Aminus3 that exhibits one or more of the following qualities; a unique place or culture, a special moment in time, stories of humanity, the embodiment of awareness, consciousness or something larger than ourselves.”  Jim has been honored with the “Spotlight” recognition multiple times.


“Redbud Riot”  Third Place Prints,  Assigned Category – motion blur.  Chester County Camera Club, April, 2016Redbud Riot


“A Hazy Shade of Winter”  Third Place,  Assigned Category – Bridges.  Chester County Camera Club, February, 2016

A Hazy Shade of Winter


“Shadows & Light”  First Place,  Assigned Category – Shadows.  Chester County Camera Club, November, 2015Shadows & Light


While photographing the Philadelphia Naval Yard, we made a stop at the headquarters for Urban Outfitters.  A creatively refurbished factory, the premises include a dog park for employees who bring their dogs to work, and these wonderful picnic tables.


“The White Dress”  First Place, Open Category,  Chester County Camera Club.  November, 2015.The White Dress


Another find at Urban Outfitters at the Philadelphia Naval Yard.  This dress in the window caught my eye.

“Tunnel of Lights” Second Place, Chester County Camera Club, April, 2015Washington DC-83





“Goin’ Home” Second Place, Chester County Camera Club, September, 2014

Taken at a reenactment of the Battle of the Brandywine in Pennsylvania. 


“Winter Trees on Parade” Second Place, Chester County Camera Club, February, 2014



We visited Valley Forge National Park after a snowstorm that left some snow plastered to the side of the trees.  This particular grove of trees appeared to be marching toward us – perhaps the ghosts of the soldiers that wintered here in 1777.

“Sorcerer’s Apprentice” Second Place, Chester County Camera Club, May, 2013


“A House is Not a House” First Place, Chester County Camera Club, May, 2013

The assigned category was “humor”.  we enjoyed a laugh when we came upon this house for sale while on a bike ride along the New River Trail in Virginia.

“Bare Trees” Second Place, Chester County Camera Club, February, 2012

We came across these gnarled trees during a hike in Virginia.

“Night in the City” Second Place, Chester County Camera Club, January, 2012

“Piece of the Sky” Third Place, Chester County Camera Club, October, 2011

“Western Union” First Place, Chester County Camera Club, October, 2011

Name Please Photo of the Year, Chester County Camera Club, June, 2011

At the end of each year, members of the Chester County Camera Club vote on their favorite image from all the first place awards given, and Jim was honored to receive first place!


“It’s Not Easy Leaving Home” First Place, Chester County Camera Club, May, 2011

A reenactment was taking place at the Strassburg Railroad in Lancaster County, PA.  I was struck by the melancholy look on this passenger – as if he was wondering if he would ever see his family again.


“Backwash” First Place, Chester County Camera Club, January 2010

“The Endless Gaze” Second Place, Chester County Camera Club, January 2009


“Lava Life” Third Place, Chester County Camera Club, November 2008

Jim’s first ribbon at the Chester County Camera Club.  Fantastic lava formations covered a hillside in Volcanoes national Park on the Big Island in Hawaii.

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  1. Greg Gans says:

    Hi Jim Wilson,

    Really appreciate the photo “Window to the World”, fine composition and processing!
    Deserved more than Honorable Mention.

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