Spring Peepers

So many signs of spring, but our favorite is a sound, not a sight.  Sometime in March, swampy areas come alive with the unmistakable sound of spring peepers.  How can such a small  frog make such a loud noise?  And then multiply that sound by a few hundred, and the pulsating, vibrating sounds are amazing.

Betsy in swampFor years, we have heard the spring peepers, but never seen them.  So this year we decided to venture out in search of a photographic capture.  Betsy donned waders and went swamp hiking in the muck.  The peepers knew we were there, and became silent as we entered their swamp.   After about ten minutes of silence, they started calling.  It was very hard to see where the sound was coming from as they hide under leaves and mud.  Betsy finally spotted one, and was amazed to see the tiny frog make such a huge sound – it would enlarge the throat sac and emit the unmistakable call of the peepers.

spring peeper

As we watched and listened to the peepers, a hot air balloon soared over our heads – another sign that spring is here!  We hope you enjoy our photos of some other signs of spring.





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