World War II Weekend

“A Gathering of Warbirds” takes place the first weekend in June at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, PA.  History comes alive as hundreds of reenactors take part in a small town invasion, and demonstrate military drills in authentic costumes and settings. 

We enjoyed meeting some residents of a small French village during the occupation.  Each reenactor picks a real person from the era and does everything possible to become that person for the event.  

They all have to carry the official German-issued “papers” and the decor of their homes, the clothes they wear, even the food they eat all accurately represent what it was like during World War II. They take it so seriously that there is a German officer called “Stitch” who will call you out if the stitching on your costume does not represent the thread and style of sewing of the day. This small village became the setting for a dramatic invasion by the Germans.  The resistance won this one, but we were told they are not so lucky for the next day’s battle.

This memorable event includes more than 80 WWII aircrafts, 40 WWII encampments, 1500 reenactors, 200 WWII military vehicles. Vintage airplanes soar overhead, and on the ground is a showcase all things World War II. Live music and dancing provides a nice blast from the past, and we even enjoyed lunch at the Spamville Mess Hall. 

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